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Gainesville, FL to Ichetucknee Springs

Miles: 46

Total so far: 217

One never knows what awaits just down the road. We had an experience yesterday that was one of those precious times in life when you meet people and there is a connection, an immediate fondness, and as we parted company this morning, we know our lives are richer because of the encounter. The Browards hosted us in their home and in doing so, gave us a lift to our spirits that will carry us a long time. This day was so much better because of their kindness. We thank you.

I remain in awe of what the next turn brings, knowing that without moving forward, it would be such a loss.

A canopy of trees - the only way to ride

Riding was easy today.  There were threatening skies all around us all day, but regardless of the direction we pedaled we had a tailwind. Several people warned us of severe thunderstorm warnings that were up in the area, but we had no problems. We stopped at Ichetcknee State Park and camped, showered and arranged all our gear before the skies finally got down to business. What a great day!

As I write this the thunder continues to roll, the rain is dropping steadily, and there is a lack of wind and ferocity in this weather. That is a blessing. Others have not been so fortunate. We received word today about the terrible storms and loss of life in Alabama, and other areas of the south.


Tomorrow’s ride is dedicated to Samantha Beaudette.


Samantha Beaudette died on January 1st, 2006 due to the actions of a drunk driver.  The crash took place in Rhode Island on December 30.  She lost her fight at 2:19am on New year’s Day.

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