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Pensacola, FL to Gulf Shores, Alabama

Miles: 38

Total so far: 638

This was not exactly a day off, but one close to it.  We needed a little rest as we’ve been at it pretty hard without a break, so we just went a short distance today.  We will monitor ourselves closely as fatigue can be a draining issue.

We are camped on the shores of the Gulf, and from here we will head north leaving the water behind — not without a degree of sorrow for Sallie.  She is a “Salt Life” person, very much in love with the sea.

One last look at the Gulf of Mexico

I made an error in yesterday’s post about Hugh Adams and what I labeled pheasant — it was actually quail, not pheasant.  I guess you can take me out of the uplands, but the uplands remain to a certain extent.  The post has been corrected.  Speaking of corrections, thank you for tolerating my occasional typing errors as I am posting on a netbook with weird keyboard response and a power saver screen that prevents me from seeing some of my many errors.

Oh,did I mention that we cleared the Florida Alabama border?  We’ve pedaled some 620 miles in Florida, every one of them was beautiful, but we think that is quite enough and we are moving on.


Tomorrow’s ride is dedicated to Brendan Moniz

Carl and Sallie….can you keep my nephew Brendan David Moniz in your hearts as you travel?  A drunk driver hit my brothers car head-on a few miles from their home in 1988.  The whole family was injured.  Brendan lasted five weeks paralyzed with a neck injury before dying and was buried on his mother’s birthday. When my son and my daughter do something fun or accomplish things in their life, I often imagine Brendan doing it along with them.  So, I’m sending Brendan with both of you to experience all that you do and watch over the two of you.   Be well and travel safe!!

 Mary Baker, Rhode Island


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