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Ichetucknee, FL to Suwanee State Park, FL

Friendly horn taps: 1

Miles: 54

Total so far: 271

After the rain subsided last night, some northern winds brought in cooler temperatures and drier air.  This brought out the jackets in the morning, and an extremely comfortable ride.

Sallie in the ethereal light of moring in the timber

We approached a right hand curve in the road on County Road 137 some distance south of Wellborn.  As we got closer I could see skid marks that went straight on the curve into the trees, and I commented to Sallie, “That doesn’t look good.”  A little closer and I could see investigator’s paint on the asphalt, and then a pick-up parked off to the right around the bend.  The trees parted some as we neared and there was a family looking forlornly at the churned up soil and fresh injury to a tree.  I know that look.

I would have stopped if I thought for one second that I could help explain the unexplainable.

Before my mother’s death, she was in an independent living center.  I used to look into the ancient sunken eyes of others who lived there; those who might know those answers, hoping that in their years and wisdom someone could explain to me what we can never know.  Not in this life.  I have some very big questions for the next life.

Just a little way down the road, where we would not intrude, I took some pictures of the wildflowers as a reminder to myself to seek the beauty in this world while we can.


Tomorrow’s ride will be dedicated to Charles Jackson Redic Jr.

On Febraury 16, 2008 I received a phone call that has change my life forever. My 26 year old college graduate, soon to be married, just made supervisor at Delta Airlines, preacher of the gospel, loving, compassionate, sweet memorable son was snatched in the middle of the night. He was wonderful, loving, charming and we will never forget you. A drunk driver who got on the wrong side of the freeway ended your life.

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